Supply of Materials

Supply of Materials

Project Description

Sustainable supply of materials

In order to make informed decisions for a sustainable physical planning, there is a need for knowledge on the availability of aggregates for use in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure and cities.

SGU’s work to secure a sustainable supply of materials focuses on:

  • Producing knowledge and planning documentation regarding alternative materials to natural gravel, such as thematic maps showing the quality of rock materials and the possibilities for extracting sea sand
  • Guidance for interpreting which natural gravel applications can be replaced by alternative materials (pursuant to Chapter 9, Section 6f of the Swedish Environmental Code).
  • Developing and providing a methodology for establishing regional material supply plans
  • Supporting county administrative boards and other actors in establishing regional material supply plans

Regional planning the key to a sustainable supply of materials

The aim of a materials supply plan is to ensure a sustainable, long-term availability of building materials such as crushed rock, gravel and sand, i.e., aggregates, needed for construction and to develop and maintain infrastructure. The materials supply plan takes into consideration that the necessary quarries are placed where quarrying and transport causes least possible harm to the environment. By planning for at sustainable supply of materials, the deposits of natural gravel that remains can be spared as future drinking water reservoirs and also be preserved as the significant they represent.

To continue the conversion from the use of natural sand and gravel, to the use of alternative materials, it is important to consider both the needs and all available materials. This is especially important in densely populated areas where competition for land is the greatest. SGU provides a methodology for implementing a regional materials supply plan.