Dismantling, Packing Transportation of Telecom Equipment’s

Dismantling, Packing Transportation of Telecom Equipment’s

Project Description

Who can transport and install

telecommunications equipment?

Where would businesses today be without the telecommunications equipment routing into their building, between buildings or even within buildings?.

Business, industry, pretty much everyone, relies heavily on the transportation of data, information and voice over telecommunications networks. This critical equipment – computer hardware, servers, electronics – is highly sensitive, fragile and of high value and therefore needs to be handled very carefully if it is to be moved.

Fortunately, Relay has built up many years’ experience in the transportation and installation of specialist telecommunications equipment. Our highly trained staff know exactly how to carefully dismantle and pack delicate pieces of IT hardware using special materials and fastening techniques to ensure that the equipment is secure and protected throughout its journey. Any bumps in road surfaces are cushioned by our custom built, air ride vehicles. Temperature spikes and dips are avoided using sensitive, climate-controlled containers. Rest assured, your telecommunications equipment is in good hands.